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What is ?

Fanbase+ is Fanbase's newest video platform feature that allows you to upload high-quality, long-format videos from your desktop or your phone. Discover thousands of videos based on your interests, create your own channel, and share content of up to 1 hour in length.

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Benefits & Features

Promote your content, engage with your
audience, and grow your fanbase!

  • Create channel-specific monetized content
  • Full 1080p Resolution
  • Full-screen horizontal videos
  • Max. Length for Desktop videos: 60 minutes
  • Max. Length for Mobile videos: 15 minutes

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Get paid when someone
subscribes to you.

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Subscribe to your favorite users and gain access to exclusive content.

Upload your video to

With Fanbase+ you can now
upload Long-Form Videos.

It's simple, straightforward, and super cool!


Go to your Home screen and tap on .
Then tap on the + sign.


Choose your video
and thumbnail.


Add a title and
a description.


Tap on Add to Series. Select a past series or add a new one.


Make your video exclusively available for subscribers or public.


All set! Tap on Share
to post your video
on your page.